Get your furniture from a box

When I was little I loved to play with blocks. They made my game easier because I could transform them in every piece of imaginary furniture that I wanted. Sometimes I built tables, sometimes chairs or other things. Well, the blocks for adults and for real home were invented. The Boxetti Multifunctional Furniture is build on this principle. You can have more pieces a furniture in just one box. Based on the different rooms they were built for, these amazing articles take care of your lack of space in a very modern and luxurious mode.

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Designed by Rolands Landsbergs these innovative pieces of furniture are very efficient and they are also high-tech equipped. Filled with drawers and other elements that give you plenty of space for your things, they come in different shapes and with different utility.

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There’s the Boxetti Lounge that looks like a a white coffin-shaped box but transforms easily into a chair or a three-seated sofa or it could immediately become a coffee table. It could be used also like a desktop or an additional workspace. The Boxetti Lunch is in fact an entire kitchen into a box. It has his own fridge, his sink and a place for you to prepare the food. And it could easily transform into a table. Another piece is the Boxetti is the Thrill one. This one is very impressive because it has a TV and a built-in audio system for the moments when you want to listen to music.

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But, there are also other types on Boxetti that could make your home look futuristic and amazing. Because they are very fancy and contemporary, they fit in every home and they will surprise you with their utility. And, it will also be funny for you to use them.