Get the romantic mood with dark blue!!

It may sound like being crazy if anybody wants to paint the wall deep with deep blue colors. Many a people say that deep walls make a room a cave, but perfect sense of beauty makes the room perfect if it is painted with deep blue or royal blue color. The cave like atmosphere will be replaced by heaven like atmosphere.

Blue West Side Model Apartment

Simple Colors Create a Stunning Style

If the choice of color is made simple then, it would become easier for the designer to decorate the room, but if the choices are made with a palette of colors then it would become overwhelming for any person to beautify the room in perfect manner. When one color is chosen, then other two colors are pale shades of blue and another one is white. Thus by these three simple color one can make his room look really good. One can choose cool blue or light violet instead of white.

Blue bedroom martha argus

Blue dining room

Blue dining room Bradley Hughes Dining Room

Blue elle decor dining

Light is Key

As the dark walls absorb light, the dark walled room works well for late rising, but by every human’s natural instinct everyone wants to greet sunlight whenever he wakes up. Hence the window set up must be in such a way so that every bit of natural light can enter the room. After the sun goes down the room needs for light, as the dark wall change the light dramatically one need to make light setup in such way that lack of light is never noticed. For general lighting purpose one need to use over head lights to ensure that, no corner of light suffers from lack of light. One may use table lamp or bed side light to have light while reading in bed. To draw attention to favorites drawing or wall hanging one can use accent lighting. Using two lights from two opposite sides’ one can also reduce the dark shadows in dark background.

Blue kids room

Blue lobby

Blue loft

Bue dining room 1

An actual advantage of having deep blue walls is in candle light, with no absorption or a little absorption the candle light in dark blue back ground creates a romantic atmosphere. The light effect is the key in every decoration purpose, if the lighting effect is made in correct manner then dark cave like room can be make a heaven like room.

If one is covered with four dark walls then one can use light pink bulbs to reduce the blue absorption effect in the room.{pictures from decorati}.