Get the Chevron Stripe

Chevron stripes add a fun twist to regular stripes. Here is how to include them in your décor for a fresh take on a favorite classic.

Mix Different Stripes.

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Chevron and Regular Stripes Work Together

You don’t only have to use one type of stripe in a room at a time. Regular stripes, such as in the use of wallpaper, work beautifully with chevron stripes in other upholstery, such as the curtains. Use stripes of different colors to make the effect even more pronounced.

Chevron is a Trendy Background

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Use Chevron as a Background or Backsplash

You can use the chevron stripe in a room that has other patterns, instead of making the chevron item the focal point of the room. In this way, the chevron can become a background color and pattern, leaving space for other, more intricate ones to take the stage.

Perfect for Upcycled Furniture.

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Neutral Colors Make the Chevron a Classic

Add stripe flair to your furniture, such as an old chest of drawers or a vintage armoire that is in need of updating. Painting on some chevron stripes is an easy way to upcycle the piece in the room. When used in neutral colors, the chevron look can be timeless.

Textures Come to Life.

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Small Touches Make a Big Statement

You can even use the chevron pattern in small splashes in your décor, such as with the use of marble or tiles in the kitchen. The beauty of the chevron stripe lies in how it is very eye-catching, even if you have not used it in large amounts in the room.

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Make Your Flooring Interesting

Flooring can also be given a fresh take with the chevron pattern, whether in the case of wooden flooring or tiles. It is a striking design for the floor.

Finishing Touches take a Turn.

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Turn the Room Around with Chevron Chic

Sometimes it’s not easy to know how to work the elements of a room together with the use of items that help you finish off the look. This is where a pattern such as the chevron stripe can become helpful. By adding a few pieces that display this pattern, such as sofa cushions that are striped with colors which have been worked elsewhere in the room, you can create something eye-catching while pulling your stylish look together.

Chevron Pattern Washing.

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The Chevron Pattern Can Be Both Effective and a Décor Staple

Another idea is to use chevron stripes all over the room. If you choose to do this, make sure that your stripes are in neutral colors. As can be seen in the picture above, a chevron pattern in subdued colors can be soothing to the eye. Just perfect for a baby nursery.

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