Get that Holiday Feeling at Home

It’s not always easy to jet-set off to a wonderful destination for a bit of a break, but with a home that reflects that relaxed, trendy setting, you won’t need to! Here are some tips on how to create holiday-inspired décor.

Home or Hotel?

Hotel room

Hotel rooms that look sophisticated and deliriously glamorous don’t have to remain out of reach. You can achieve that same appeal at home just by focusing on a few accessories or a monochrome design. If you choose to go monochrome with your furniture and colors, be sure to use different textures.This helps to add depth to the décor.

Light it Up.


Lights usually play a large part in creating that sophisticated hotel atmosphere. Choose a chandelier for a more dramatic effect, as can be seen with this bubble chandelier:

Contemporary entryway

Clearly chandeliers don’t have to be of a traditional shape. Larger, more decadent ones are breath-taking.

Dining table decor

Chandeliers aside, make lights more than just a useful part of your living space – choose fixtures that are decorative for extra flair.

Do You Want to Go to the Seaside?

Seaside decor

You don’t need the languorous ocean right outside your window. Get beach-inspired décor that makes you feel like you’re about to work on your tan. Colors play an important part in beach décor, so try to incorporate blue and green shades. These powerful colors work well against white.

Familly room

Stripes can also create the feeling of living in a beach house, bringing to mind the trendy nautical look.

Sea decor ideas

Small touches in the form of accessories can provide a seaside atmosphere. Pictures or ornaments of shells are easy DIY touches, or take it one step further with a surfboard table for a more eclectic atmosphere.

Green accents dining room

Think texture when organizing beach décor in a room. The seaside calls to mind sharp or uneven shells, soft sand and cool oceans. Choose pieces of décor that help to capture these various textures, such as smooth wooden tables, driftwood lamps and shell chandeliers.

More than Wax.

Candle decor
Candles are known for inspiring relaxation, so add these to a room. They could form part of the ambiance as hanging candle décor.The bathroom is one of the rooms that conjure up images of relaxing moments, so use candles as a decorative feature.<

Dreamy Décor.

Dreamy decor
Color is important in a room where you like to relax. The shades should be soothing and soft. However, accessories and textures also make a difference in either boosting or calming one’s mood. The use of wood and vintage accessories can help to exude a nostalgic, comforting feeling, along with earthy shades.

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