Get Red-dy! Tips for Using Red in the Home

It’s bright, bold and always makes a statement. If you’d like to bring this stunning color into your home, here is how to work with red and choose the right shade for you specific décor needs.

A Kitchen is the Perfect Place for Red.

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Red Updates a Plain Kitchen

Your kitchen is usually filled with stainless steel appliances and neutral colors usually show up in this room. That is why red can be a wonderful color to bring onto the scene. Not only does red create a burst of boldness, but it works well with metals and neutrals.

Wine Shades are Elegant.

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Stain that Wall with a Wine Shade

For a classy, luxurious feeling, use wine red. This is a great idea for a dining room, as can be seen in the picture above. However, it can also be integrated into a rustic décor plan as it blends well with earthy tones such as yellow and orange.

Red Accessories.

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Small Accessories Give Décor a Boost

As you know, accessories really update a room and make it effortlessly stylish. They also pull together a style theme. Red accessories pack a punch, but if your shade of red is bright then use it carefully. A few scatter cushions or a chandelier are chic and work well against a black-and-white theme.

Bright Accent Walls.

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Red-Orange is a Chic Mix

An accent wall is the perfect place for red to come out and play! Make the wall a red-orange tone for a lovely citrus boost to your décor. This can work with modern as well as traditional designs.

Red Furniture: Yes or No?

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Earthy Red Sofa adds Panache

Red furniture can work in a room. If you don’t feel it’s a long-term décor choice to use bright red shades in your upholstery, then stick to browns that have red undertones.  This is both trendy and classic.

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Cheerful and Stylish Red

Brighter reds can work, however. If you choose red furniture, such as a table and chairs, make sure the rest of your room is neutral. You can also add a touch of yellow that complements red beautifully.

Less is More.

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All You Need is One Red Item for Effect

If you’re going to use red furniture, don’t make all the furniture in the room red! Use one or two pieces that attract the eye, such as a cabinet or armoire.This makes the pieces of red much more striking.

Choose Some Furniture OR the Walls – Not Both!

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Red Walls are Enhanced by Black, White, and Wood

If you’re super passionate about red, then splash it on the walls! However, make sure the rest of your room remains neutral to prevent a bull-in-a-china-shop effect on your guests.

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