Get Your Home Winter Ready

Unfortunately the sunshine has been and gone again for another year, which means that it is now time to get your home winter ready! Kiss goodbye to the light shades and thin materials. It’s time to bring warmth, comfort and luxury into your house. But, the real question is… how do you do it?

Midnight blue.

Blue bedroom

Midnight blue is a simply stunning colour. What shade is more apt for the winter months than blue? If you go for a midnight shade you bring the drama and the romance.

Blue bedroom wall

It is an enchanting shade and works beautifully with another suggestion given later in this article; gold accessories. The midnight blue and the gold look like the night sky with the twinkling stars.

Wood burning stove.

Fireplace warm

This will literally bring the warmth into your home. However, that’s not the only reason why a wood burning stove is a fantastic winter addition. This is something that is filled to the brim with character. It embodies that rustic British style that we have all grown to love.

Shaggy rug.

Modern white table for living room

Wall accessories

Just imagine sinking your feet into a warm shaggy rug. Sheer bliss! This is a must have home accessory for the winter months, especially if you have cold flooring – such as tiles or a laminate floor.

Gold accessories.

Gold accessories

Just because the weather is going to be dull and dreary does not mean your home has to be. Gold accessories bring the opulence, glamour and extravagance to your home. Gold is great for winter because it is extremely rich and fits in with the festive period perfectly.

Wooden furniture and accessories.

Wood paneling

Ceiling wood panneling

Last but not least, adding wood into your room can do a wealth of good during the winter period. Wood is a material which literally brings warmth to anywhere it is placed. It is also a material that has a real log cabin winter type feel to it which is beautiful for winter decor.

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