Get Great Gatsby Décor

From the book and movie to your living room: achieve flawless 1920s style in easy ways. Here are some tips to create a living space with vintage glamour and Art Deco appeal.

Choose Vintage Furniture.

Contemporary bench
Vintage Furniture is a Classic

Vintage accessories are a must to achieve a Gatsby-esque feeling in your home. Choose chairs and tables that are a throwback to the past and scream elegance. They can be combined with other more modern accessories if you want to work with more than one style theme in a room. The bonus of vintage furniture is that it’s always timeless.

Quick Style Injection: Lighting.

Contemporary bench
Lighting Creates Elegance

You don’t have to go overboard with your furniture and accessories. Concentrate on the lighting as this is always an eye-catching aspect of the room. Choose a dangling or large light fixture for maximum appeal. You can see how it works well with the artwork on the wall, tying the theme easily. Even if the rest of your room is decorated with neutrals, attention-grabbing lighting boosts its style quotient.

Art Meets Deco.

Contemporary bench
Mesh Modern and Vintage with Art on the Wall

Deco-inspired artwork was very trendy in the 1920s, so make sure you splash on some of its style to your modern walls! This is a great way to add a bit of vintage flair to a room that’s designed in a contemporary theme.

Mirrored Furniture.

Contemporary bench
Catch Your Reflection in a Stylish Way

Furniture with mirrored surfaces was popular in the ’20s and it still looks beautiful now. Mirrored furniture has an enlarging and lightening effect on the room, while oozing sophistication.

Glass Accessories.

Contemporary bench
See-Through Fashion

Quick touches of glamour can easily be achieved with glass accessories. Or, go the extra mile with glass table surfaces, enlarged mirrors and doors. Glass is effortlessly trendy no matter what day or age, so it’s a winner every time.

A Glamour Course in Geometry.

Contemporary bench
Bold Patterns Strike the Right Style Note

Geometrical patterns are a gallant fashion homage to the 1920s, so add interesting shapes to your room design, such as in the form of interesting chair fabrics or wallpaper.

Soft to the Touch.

Contemporary bench
Tempting Satin and Luxurious Chenille

Silky, satiny fabrics are a Hollywood glamour staple. Add them to your room to create sophistication as well as texture. When set against rougher elements, such as wood or bold drapery, such textures create a luxurious and comforting oasis of style.

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