At The Frontier Between Nature And Geometry – House H

Every house has its own geometry and unique floor plan and sometimes this can help it stand out or blend in, depending on a variety of factors including the nature of the surroundings or the style chosen. House H is definitely the type that stands out, although not in an opulent or very eye-catching manner.

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This is a residence designed by ABIBOO Architecture, a studio led by Alfredo Munoz and specialized in finding innovative design processes and structural approaches for every one of their projects. The team always makes an effort to blur the barriers between theory and practice using both passion and rigor and this helps them come up with interesting designs such as this one.

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House H has a total floor area of 1300 square meters which is around 14,000 square feet. The name of the project was inspired by the shape of the floor plan and the way the interior spaces were organized. The residence is located in Madrid, Spain and was completed in April 2015.

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House H in Madrid structure geometry

Using Eco-friendly materials and ensuring natural light and ventilation throughout, the architects managed to create a residence that’s both visually intriguing and very inviting and comfortable to live in. Being organized in several volumes, the overall layout allows each space to maintain its own unique characteristics. At the same time, all the areas are of similar importance.

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In contrast with a lot of other contemporary residences, this villa doesn’t have very large internal spaces. Instead, it’s organized in lots of smaller spaces which are all interconnected. This gives them each individuality.

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The ground floor is where the main social areas are situated. The living room, kitchen and dining space occupy most of the floor plan. A very beautiful aspect is the fact that the ground floor opens to a series of patios and embraces the outdoors, welcoming all the natural light and the views.

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The sectional sofa in the lounge area steals all the attention, featuring a sinuous form and a fluid and delicate look with soft curves and a beige tone. Round accent tables and coffee tables complement the sectional, filling in the gaps in its design.

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The kitchen is characterized by strong metallic surfaces and a hint of natural wood accent in the form of bar stools. The kitchen island is defined by a minimalist and futuristic look with gentle curves and soft angles.

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The first floor of the villa is dedicated to spaces such as a home office, the guest rooms and a game area. Like in the case of the social zone, the interior design and décor are simple, modern and characterized by strong but pleasant contrasts.

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All the bedrooms are decorated with pleasant colors inspired by nature. The tones of brown and beige create a warm and welcoming ambiance while the furniture adds a an interesting geometric twist to the space, playing with balance and symmetry.

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The terrace that wraps around the first floor of the house creates a buffer between the internal spaces and the exterior. The full-height glass windows expose the internal spaces to this section and let the light in.

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The basement is a zone dedicated to spaces such as a meditation room, a gym, spa, a lounge but also a party volume. Once again, the interior décor matches the rest of the residence, being consistent across all the floors. There is, however, a certain uniqueness to each space.

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The facade lets us distinguish between the private and social zones. The public spaces feature an exposed concrete facade and they are defined by stucco and glass partitions at the core of the house. The night zone with all the private spaces, on the other hand, is defined by a metallic facade which establishes a strong contrast with the rest.

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The exterior of the villa is very beautiful as well, being characterized by a similar type of geometry. The green lawn follows the gentle slope and then forms a series of stairs that lead to the entrance. The living space is one one side and the swimming pool forms an L shape on the other.

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The pool is quite interesting between part of it is placed outside while the rest is indoors, the two sections communicate and form a large body of water. Inside there’s also a poolside lounge space with a comfortable sectional and curtains for privacy.

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