Geo Planter

Some time ago, back in the ’60s geodesic domes were pretty popular structures. Many people built homes shaped like geodesic domes and some other sheltered greenhouses in them or used them for different other purposes. In the meantime this shape almost disappeared, only to be reminded by these magnificent Geo Planters. They are designed by Kelly Lamb and are made in California. Lamb based his design on the geodesic shape, but he somehow turned these domes upside down and used them for very unconventional purposes – as planters.

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The domes are after that attached to some cords and finally hung to the ceiling where they rest nicely, being used as home for the plants. These domes are made of ceramics and have many facets, just like a huge half of a diamond. Then, being made of ceramics allows the manufacturers to make a very creative and innovative drainage system that is actually a hole at the bottom, allowing the surplus of water to drop on the ground. The planters are available in two sizes (small and medium) and you can buy them for $95. The planter is pretty heavy because of the material used for making it, so make sure you use parachute cords to secure them tightly and also place them far from a crowded place.