Gemstone Furniture Accents Reveal A World Of Luxury

Gemstones are also often referred to as jewels and they represent pieces of mineral crystal. They are most commonly used in the fabrication of jewelry although there are all sorts of other uses for them. They’re a symbol of luxury although not all gemstones are necessarily very valuable. But that brings us to a new subject: the classification of gemstones.

Anna Rablabs gemstone cofee table

The traditional classification in precious and semi-precious stones can be traced back to the 19th century, with the first reference to these terms dating back to 1858. This broad classification defined semi-precious stones as being “of less commercial value than a precious stone”.

Gemstone coffee table design

In this classification, the precious stones include the diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald while all the other gemstones are considered semi-precious. However, this doesn’t necessarily reflect their value as we’ve learned later on. It’s more of a classification that reflects the rarity and quality of a gemstone. We know now that some types of semi-precious stones can be considerably more valuable than a precious one.

Wire chrome chairs with a round gemstone coffee table

In modern times, the identity of a gemstone is given by its chemical composition. But gemstones can also be classified according to their crystal system or the form in which they are usually found. Geodes form a special category. They are geological secondary structure that occur in certain sedimentary and volcanic rocks. They are hollow and have spherical forms.

Gemstone and wood a perfect mix for this coffee table

Geodes look boring on the outside but inside they hide amazing dazzling crystals which can be used in the process of furniture design. These crystals can be used in the creation of unique countertops, tiles and other surfaces.

Narrow console table - gemstone

Natural agate, for instance, is among the most beautiful gemstones used in furniture manufacturing. It features interesting and unique patterns and eye-catching colors and because of the difficult fabrication process such designs are very expensive and thus a real luxury.

Beautiful gemstone coffee tables

All such furniture pieces and surfaces are handcrafted and unique, with no two being identical or even very similar. Gemstone counters and tabletops always become focal points for the spaces they are in and always make a statement.

Gemstone side table

Artisan pieces of furniture are masterpieces and they add a lot of character to a space. They’re also considered to be sophisticated and glamorous and usually used as accent pieces of details meant to highlight a minimalist or neutral decor or palette of materials.

Toronto gemstone table

House of Wahi offers an impressive collection of artisan furniture pieces. This right here is the Toronto side table. Use it as a statement piece in the living room, in combination with an elegant but simple sofa.

Coffee tables with gemstone top

The table collection offered by House of Wahi also includes numerous other beautiful designs such as the Zurich, Budapest or Berlin tables. Each has a unique coloring, reflecting the natural tones of the stones that form their organically-shaped tops.