Garland Shade Light

The Dutch designer Tord Boontje proved a lot of inspiration when he made this amazing Garland Shade Light. It is spectacular and impressive and it will certainly make an impression on everyone at first sight. The item is very delicate and seems to come from a different century, but this is exactly what makes it so special. As you might have inferred from the name, it is a garland light. That means that it is a lighting device that looks like a garland made of flowers and leaves. All the details are made of brass and they reflect the light cast by the 60-watt bulb.

50419 A2 Brass Garland Shade LightThe garland wraps around the light bulb and the light will ten be filtered and diffuse, warm and comforting. The light bulb is fixed to the garland with a clip that holds the flowing cascade of leaves and flowers and this is to secure and make it more stable. You can buy the product for $100 if you like it and you can order it online.