Gardening Tips Pt IV: DIY Plant Markers

Have you ever gone out to the garden to pull up some onions and pulled up carrots instead? Some of us beginner gardeners have trouble telling which is which when it comes to certain veggies and herbs.

Plastic animal marker

So when it comes to knowing which is sage and which is parsley, it certainly helps to have labels.Not the plastic came-with-the-container labels mind you. The fun labels that you’ll use from year to year and grow nostalgic feelings for and create memories with. Check out these 10 DIY plant markers to label your garden in style.

copper markers

Anything metallic is in style forever. And if we’re wearing it and decorating with it, why not add a touch to our gardens. Whether you have a small indoor herb garden or a large outdoor vegetable garden, you’ll enjoy spotting these markers when you go to harvest the beans. (via Julie Blanner)

cork markers

Isn’t it great when you find a use for all those old wine corks? Among other projects, they make great plant markers, especially for a container garden. Now you have that excuse to buy the big bag of corks from Amazon and start crafting. (via All Put Together)

tile markers

Talk about being frugal. This DIY uses leftover tile to create snazzy markers that you won’t be ashamed of. But going farther, think of the possibilities! Old bricks, leftover step stones, wood slices, the opportunity is endless. (via Describe Happy)

twig markers

Speaking of wood, how about these twig markers? Seriously, all you need to make these are some heavy duty cutters, a pocket knife and some colorful Sharpies. I’ll bet that you know some boys who would love to help you with this project. (via Sweet Little Sparrow)

utencil markers

If you live in a place that requires durable artwork outdoors, these stamped utensils will be the perfect markers. They won’t blow away or deteriorate and if they rust, they’ll just add a touch of shabby chic to your garden. (via Happy Hour Projects)

scrabble letter markers

Scrabble seems to come and go in the popular game world. If you happen to own the game but rarely play due to too many missing letters, consider using the tiles to make these pretty garden markers. The best part, you can use whichever color suits your garden best. (via eHow)

stones markers

These are possible the cutest garden markers I’ve ever seen. They’re absolutely perfect when you have little hands that want to help you pick tomatoes and cucumbers. All they have to do is look for the right picture. (via Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy)

clay markers

Along with being super easy to make, these plant markers are definitely super gorgeous. Make it a Saturday project for the girlfriends over a glass of wine and they’ll be begging you for more crafty afternoons. (via Well Nesting)

ombre markers

Everybody loves ombre! Not only will these durable signs label all your veggies, you’ll get to know them by color too. Red for tomatoes, green for lettuce, orange for carrots and yellow for sweetcorn. You won’t regret the extra effort. (via Love Them Madly)

plastic animal marker

Dinosaurs in the garden? Such fun plant markers will definitely get the kids out there to help weed and harvest. You may not be able to find your markers later though. (via The Craftinomicon)