Garden pavement lights by Serralunga

Designed by Roberto Paoli, this walkover lighting system is certainly innovative. We all remember Michael Jackson and his music video called Billy Jean. At that time it was something unheard of, to have the floor light up as you step on it. But now all of that is possible in the form of garden pavement lights.

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They come in a string of five that you can arrange in any way you want to create the forms and shapes that you want. Your garden will transform into a dream land. It’s not the same as in Michael Jackson’s music video, but still, it’s close. It’s a great way to decorate your garden. You can accomplish 3 things in the same time: you provide a path to walk on so that you won’t ruin the flowers or grass, you provide lighting for the night time and it also looks good.

I’m not sure what the price for these things is, but I’m sure it’s interesting as well.Another innovation based on Michael Jackson’s brilliant ideas, another thing to thank him for.