Garden gnomes

I know t hat gardens are supposed to be for growing flowers, trees and grass. You go there if you want to spend a quiet afternoon in the open and to breathe the fresh air away from the noise of the street. Well, some people like placing garden gnomes, there, too. That is because they are so funny. I don’t know if these gnomes are fashionable now or not, but kids seem to love them. So if you have a child in the family you will have to buy at least one of those tiny funny creatures for your garden. Kindergartens have them spread all over the garden and all those interior gardens and places where kids are taken while their parents have a cup of coffee on the terrace.

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To be honest I love garden gnomes, too, and I think they just make a garden merrier. They are little fairy tales characters that look like tiny old men that have a serene and peaceful figure and bring a touch of magic into your garden. You almost expect Tinkerbell to come visit your garden and spread the magic dust on the grass and flowers.  These gnomes have different sizes and shapes, some of them carrying some signs or tablets in their hands, so you can use them to show which way are the rose bushes, to say “welcome” in an original way or to show what kind of crop you have in different corners of the garden. Or you can simply use them for fun.

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