Garda Soap Dish

People have used nature and all animals around them for different purposes : for food, for transport and also for manufacturing different home items from their bones or other body parts. Animal horns are still collected and polished and shaped in different ways so as to make beautiful items for your home. This Garda Soap Dish is made of real horn and it looks amazing. The animal horn is carefully polished and manufactured in Italy and in the end you get a beautiful handcraft in different tones of grey and brown.

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Garda Soap Dish is beautiful and natural and it belongs to Garda collection. The collection has rare and elegant items for your home, including your bathroom. The soap dish is sanded and polished and has four little metal legs that keep it standing and do not let it trip over. The soap is also held by the four little dots that are indented on the bottom of the dish, which make it stay still.

The soap dish is better to be used in the bathroom and not be kept in direct sunlight as it will fade away. It is also advisable to be cleaned by hand and using safe detergents instead of cleaning it in the dish washer,. as this might damage it. Considering the fact that it is handmade using natural materials, it is considered a luxury item and can be purchased for $345.