Gaggia Accademia espresso machine

The Gaggia Accademia is a new coffee vending machine.  This contraption allows you to make coffees like espresso, Café latte, cappuccino (3 different strengths), espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, café ristretto, hot milk and tea as well.  Other than these, the machine is able to deliver ground coffee of 8 finesse grades.

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The machine is equipped with two stainless boilers – one for the espresso and the other for water and steam. Gaggia Accademia consumes less than 1 watt of energy in the stand-by mode and is rated ‘A’ for energy consumption.  Other integrated features include a coffee bean container, an auto cappuccino system, the coffee grounds tray etc.

Since the cleaning and decaling is automatic, maintenance is bare minimum. One should not forget the 1.6 liter water tank (removable), 15 bar pressure pump and the 350 gm bean container.  One does not anything more to become a barista, as the results of this machine is just perfect and quick as well.