Gadget Tree House in Greece

When “ tree house” comes to our mind we think of childhood and playing ground as well as perfect hideaways. A couple and their  11-year –old son decided to build a tree house to live in as a daily house.  Their  interior space is about 376 square meters and what’s really interesting about this projects is that this house is filled with  lots of hi-tech gadgets, with no resemblance what so ever with the tree house interior we  know.  This house was designed to become part of the landscape, therefore not a single natural element was disturbed, cut or moved.

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The construction’s deck is 10 feet above the ground level, sitting on a Blue Forest bracer system, that allows tree movement.  The client’s request was to build an exclusive tree house with a large number of luxurious accessories, therefore the entire household is packed with the latest technologies. At the front door there is a biometric fingerprint lock system; inside, there are other hi-tech features like a bespoke CCTV console, a huge plasma TV, state of the art sound system and of course the holy trinity of gaming consoles: Xbox, PlayStation and Wii.

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The house’s design features cedar tongue-and-groove boards and hand-split oak shakes to make the exterior blend into the natural surroundings. The combination of these natural colors is very attractive, but also makes the house less oppressive in its natural décor.  So next time you think of a tree house, remember that in Athens, Greece there is one you would like it as a grown up too.{found on blueforest}.