Futuristic Glowing Light Balls Bench by Manfred Kienhofer

Automatically, an act of creation becomes an artistic act or a proof of art. People are used to create all sorts of things that are necessary to their daily activities and in order to create something pleasant too, all these things become pieces of art too.Manfred Kienhofer’s products represent also some pieces of art although they have a functional purpose.

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His series called “Glowing Light Balls Bench” combines art and industrial design in order to produce a futuristic piece.Actually, it is an illuminated bench which was produced in different forms, materials and colors. This piece consists of three light balls and two wooden board perforates that lay on these light balls.

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“Glowing Light Balls Bench” is a pleasant sitting place but at the same time it can become the focal point of a certain interior.The colored light balls and the intimate ambiance that it is produced by the illuminated balls can make you feel comfortable in a public place for example and the modern design will fit perfectly to your contemporary style of your house.

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The Austrian artist, Manfred Kienhofer tried to transform an art oriented piece into a functional and practical item which can be used by everybody. Art and function seem to complete each other in a harmonious way.It is an interesting and eye-catching bench with a futuristic design that will definitely tempt any person to try it.