Futuristic Galaxy Wall Clock

I teach the kids the basic things about the Universe and galaxies, about stars and planets. And when I do that I always use a replica, a very suggestive model of our galaxy. It shows all the planets like bigger or smaller balls of different sizes and colours. They are all fixed on metal sticks that can move around the centerpiece – the Sun. Well, if you ever saw such a teaching aid, you surely thought about it when you saw this beautiful Futuristic Galaxy Wall Clock. The “sun” in the middle of the galaxy is actually the clock dial and it has four numbers on it, the most important ones that you need to tell the time: three, six, nine and twelve.

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These numbers, together with the two silver arms will show you the time and the rest of the clock is just for design. The clock is pretty interesting in design and it looks cool in the polished metal frame and having a mirrored interior dial. It continues the starburst idea of design for clocks and it belongs to the designer called Ashton Sutton. The clock works with one AA battery and has a five year warranty.The purchasing price is $91.99.