Futuristic fireplace designs by Elena Colombo

I think a lot of people would consider buying a place, that doesn’t necessarily meet their expectations, just because it has a fireplace. You can now forget about that.Elena Colombo presents to the public this very unusual option. Her ideas for this otherwise rudimentary piece are revolutionary.

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The designs are mind – blowing. She uses materials that you would never think could be put together, especially in a fireplace design, and the results are spectacular. If you wish to posses a very unique piece, there are several options you can choose from. And they come in nay size.

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It is an extreme design that will more than satisfy you inexplicable attraction towards fireplaces. This is not the usual fireplace. Nothing about it is usual. Not the shape, not the materials used and certainly not the location. Who said the fireplace should stay inside? Feel free to use this one in any way you want.