Futuristic Eco – City by Eriksson Architects

Future has always represented an unknown item for us and sometimes made us create original and unique designs that seem to make us think of those mysterious bodies called UFOs. In our mind they represent the highest technology and forms of living in the world. It is also the case of this project which came out of  A futuristic idea which generated the creation of this eco settlement realized by Eriksson Architects, situated in Mentougou Eco Valley in China.

Mentougou Eco Valley 1

These spherical settlements that take the shape of some UFOs make us think that maybe we are not alone in this universe. They have different sizes and seem to go to their mother ship. For their construction there were used raw materials which make them seem blended with the surrounding landscape. Their unique design contrasts the common shapes of blocks.

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Here there are nine environmental research companies and institutes, a city- center and some residential villages with 50,000 inhabitants. This settlement is in the middle of nature and the colors that imitate nature used for the buildings and the way these buildings are arranged make it possible to integrate perfectly in this natural décor.This unique eco- city is an extraordinary creation of the human mind.{found on designboom}