Futuristic Corian Tables by Stuart Melrose

Future represents new things, new ideas, modern mentalities, contemporary trends. It makes you think of technologies, discoveries, evolutions.These Corian Tables designed by Stuart Melrose are an emblem of the futuristic, urban style. Their shape and lights remind you of space ships.


They are modern and made of a unique, durable, material called Dupont Corian. It is a combination of natural minerals and acrylic polymer.

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They can fit any modern décor that you have in mind as they are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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These Corian Tables are a combination of contemporary design and modern materials and the result is a wonderful piece f furniture that will offer your modern décor the futuristic line and the contemporary atmosphere that it needs.

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They are also perfect for other types of interiors, for example, television spaces or modern bars or cafés. The atmosphere which they create is electric and they make you think of those sparkling, dynamic spaceships.