Furry Mongolian lamb pillow covers

In a living room, the most important element is probably the sofa. It’s the place where people gather to chat and spend time together so it’s important to have a comfortable sofa. There’s nothing like a soft sofa and some cozy pillows to make your time there more pleasant. The item we’re going to present to you here might be perceived very differently by some people.

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It’s a collection of Mongolian lamb pillow covers. The detail that will probably generate different opinion is the fact that they are made of actual lambskin and fur. I’m sure some of you find this very cruel and unacceptable, but you can’t deny the fact they are extremely soft and cozy. For some people the materials used don’t really matter as long as they are satisfied by the product. The collection features four different sizes of pillow covers: 12’’ x 16’’, 16’’sq, 24’’sq and 14’’ x 36’’.They are all soft and furry and will definitely help you feel more comfortable.

The pillow covers come in a variety of different colors, the most popular being the tones of gray and beige. They would look very beautiful and cute on a living room sofa or in the bedroom. The price varies from $43 to $94. Of course, in addition to these lovely pillow covers you’ll also need some pillows to fill them with.