Funny Umbrella Lamps by Marie- Louise Gustafsson

Umbrella is a necessary object in case of bad weather. Sometimes is useful in case of the rays of sun that can be too strong. It is protective. It defends us against too much wet or too much sunshine.

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Many years ago, the beautiful ladies from the high society used umbrellas as an accessory. Umbrella had to match with the lady’s dress. It was a decorative element that was underlining elegance and good taste.Swedish designers Marie- Louise Gustafsson in collaboration with the designer Daniel Franzen propose us a prototype collection called “Come Rain or Come Sine”. These are some beautiful umbrella lamps which we can use it to complete our décor.

We can choose the colors that we need and fit our room. They are funny and create a nice atmosphere. Although they are a symbol of bad weather the light that comes from inside make us change this idea and create a joyful atmosphere.

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