Funny Training Dresser for kids

Everybody knows hoe disorganized kids can be. And this characteristic doesn’t really go away as they grow up in some cases. So it’s really the best thing to try to teach them to be organized when they are little and maybe they will get used to it and end up being clean and neat adults.

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The Training Dresser designed by Peter Bristol is a very useful piece of furniture as it helps your kid arrange his cloths in an organized manner. As you can see, each drawer has a suggestive drawing that shows you exactly what type of cloths need to go in there. Your kid will know exactly where to look for a certain clothing item when he needs it and he won’t have to search for it all over the house as many adults do. The dresser is handmade of ULDF and finished with conversion varnish. Currently it only comes in white and it’s available for $1500.

Funny white dresser for your kid 3

Funny white dresser for your kid 3

There are two versions for this dresser: one for girls and one for boys, each one with its own drawings. It’s a very cute piece of furniture. It’s also very practical and very useful for those who are trying to teach their children to be organized.
Actually, some adults could use this type of dresser too. It’s funny and simple and it does its job teaching your kid how to make their job easier when they need to get dressed and to find a specific item.