How To Craft a Sunburst Mirror Frame Using Simple Everyday Objects

Looking for a way to cheer up your home’s décor? You can always count on sunburst mirrors. They radiate beauty wherever you place them. Sunburst mirrors can be truly majestic and elegant but they also have a fun and cheerful side. That’s usually linked to DIY designs. There are a lot of projects in this category which you can make using simple, everyday objects so let’s take a look at a few.

Sunburst mirror above the fireplace

Let’s say you have some old wood or faux wood blinds. You can no longer use them as window treatments so there’s really no point keeping them. Or is there? Check out Savvyapron for a tutorial on how to use those for creating a sunburst mirror. Basically you cut the blinds in pieces and you glue those to the back of a mirror.

Wood craft sticks to create a sunburst mirror

Another ingenious idea is to use wood craft sticks. In addition, you’ll also need a round mirror, super glue and spray paint. First you arrange the wood sticks in a circle around the mirror to get the look you want. Alternate their lengths. Cut the sticks to size and then glue them to the back of the mirror one by one. At the end, paint them. {found on thisdesignjournal}.

Creative mirror from spoons

Or why not use plastic spoons? They’re cheap and easy to find and you can customize them in a lot of ways. An interesting example is featured on Creativegreenliving. The project also requires foam core board, yard sticks, duct tape, yarn, beading string, spray paint and around 300 plastic spoons. Cut the foam core to the desired shape and size. Remove the handles from the spoons and start arranging them in rows starting from the outer edge. Glue them one by one. Also, glue the mirror to the center. You can then glue beads around the mirror to form a nice frame. The last step is spray painting the spoons.

Starburst Mirror out of Silverware

You can also try using metal spoons. Actually, you’ll only be using the handles so forks work too. We found this crazy idea on plasteranddisaster. First you cut the handles off the spoons and forks. Then you lay them in a pattern. Glue them to the back of a mirror one by one. Wait for the glue to dry. Then place another mirror on top.

Thrifty chic sunburst mirror

On Frugalmomeh you can learn how to make a sunburst mirror using gold thumb tacks. The supplies needed also include a magnetic mirror and a small hammer. Basically you just start inserting thumb tacks around the edge of the mirror. Start from the interior and form circles. Carefully push down the backs of the tacks using a hammer or pliers. Overlap each layer as you go.

Sunburst Mirror Ornament

Skewers are another way to go. Start with a mirror. The shape and size don’t really matter. You just have to glue the skewers to the back of the mirror to form a symmetrical and uniform design. Alternate their lengths as you go. Cover the back of the mirror with cardboard. You can then spray paint the skewers and the mirror frame. {found on uptodateinteriors}.

Another similar project

Another similar project, also using skewers, can be found on Smallhomelove. Trace the shape of your mirror onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Glue the skewers onto it in four groups. Then add the second set of skewers and glue them up to the second circle line. Continue with another set of skewers with different lengths than the other groups. Reinforce them all with glue and spray paint them. Attach this whole thing to the back of the mirror. You can also glue a metal ring around the edge of the mirror for a nice frame.

Sunburst Mirror Ornament

If you want, you can also make small sunburst mirror ornaments. You can use these in the Christmas tree or basically anywhere else you want. You need craft sticks, glitter, a mirror, mod podge, a glue gun and gold spray paint. You can find detailed instructions on Whatsurhomestory.