Funny Shower Curtains – 15 Beautiful Designs

There’s not a lot of room for personal touches in the bathroom, for example with a funny shower curtain. Usually the design is very straight-forward and simple, only including the basics but there are still ways in which you can add your own twist to the décor, for example with shower curtains. Curtains with funny messages or images are a welcomed breeze of cheerfulness in a room that usually has a strictly utilitarian design.

Stay in touch with your inner social networking geek, even in the shower

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A design simple, bold and inspiring, perfect for contemporary bathrooms
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With this curtain you’ll hopefully become more aware of the time spend in the shower
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At first, you’ll take a scare every morning but after a while you’ll get used with the image

Pick a design that best reflects your sense of humor. There are lots of themes to choose from. A wonderful way of personalizing an item and doubling its function. Shower curtains can offer you more than just privacy. They can put a smile on your face in the morning, distract you when your mind is full of worries and amuse your guests. After all, why should kids be the only ones having fun when they take a bath or a shower?

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If you don’t like to sing in the rain, then maybe you’ll give it a try in the shower
Simple and quirky, a shower curtain hiding a giant rubber duck
It’s hard to see this sloth as a menace with such a cute face
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Bold and graphic, this shower curtain could look lovely in any décor
Add color and pattern to your bathroom with this Mustache curtain
You’ll probably crave ice-cream every time you take a shower which is not that bad
One more reason everyone else will respect your privacy when you’re in the shower
Well, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take this advice or not
An artistic design paying homage to a classic tale in its own colorful way
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For all we know, this is how it could have actually happened
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In case you ever wanted a hug from a giant octopus, here’s your chance

Aside from the fact that these shower curtains feature amusing designs, they are provide you with the perfect opportunity to add a little bit of color to a minimalistic bathroom or to introduce pattern to a décor. And since humor knows no style, you can use them in practically any type of interior whether it’s modern, traditional, rustic or contemporary.