Funny Rocking Chair Sculpture Calendar 2012

Since I am a fresh mummy and I spend a lot of time at home, sometimes it is hard for me to remember the day that follows or the date of the days. When you are at work you are someway forced to know or it is much easier to remember all these things. So a calendar is an item which is very practical and useful for any of us that need to know certain dates, plan something for a certain period or just mark an important day of your life. Since it is the beginning of a new year everybody wants to have the new calendar of 2012 and explore it.

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Calendars can have different shapes, colors or there are themed calendars of various types for everybody’s tastes and preferences. Those who would like a special calendar for this year may choose a funny Rocking Chair Sculpture Calendar 2012, designed by Katsumi Tamura’s award-winning Good Morning, Inc. of Tokyo.

It is a rocking chair sculpture calendar made of sturdy white paper and which you can assembly very easily without using any scissors or glue. It can move back and forth and displays the current month on the chair back, and the next month on the seat. Sundays are the only days marked with a red color while no other holidays are indicated on it. This type of calendar will help you organize your time better and see the days of the year in a relaxing way, swinging on your lovely desk.{found on mcachicagostor}.