Funny Pillow Shaped Ceramic Wall Clock

If you are tired or sleepy a pillow may be a perfect object for this type of situation. Usually a fluffy, soft and beautiful pillow may attract you more to a sweet nap even if you had not such an intention.

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There people who prefer all sorts of pillows so that they can feel more comfortable and nothing can bother their sweet dreams. Some prefer some hard and heavy pillows, other for the contrary love the soft and light pillows. There people who love large pillows while other prefer the small ones. There are also people who prefer sleeping without a pillow as they think it is healthier like that.

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If you are a sleepy person or not you will definitely love this funny Pillow Shaped Ceramic Wall Clock which comes from Creativewithclay’s Etsy shop. Its elegant square shape and beautiful design may think that it is a real pillow of fabric with detailed embroidery, but once you touch it you realize that it is made of ceramic, so it is a real wall clock.

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You might also think it is heavy, but it is not. You may hang it on the wall using a picture hook, adorn it to a woman’s make- up table or put it next to the jewelry stand. Any place you will choose for this beautiful decorative item will turn into an attractive space where everybody will admire your funny Pillow Shaped Ceramic Wall Clock.Available for $75.