Funny Mousepad for Your Office or Home Desk

Computers have become part of our lives and we use them regularly, both at home and at the office, so we must consider this when buying furniture and designing our apartment or house and even when arranging the office. And if you have a desktop computer, then you know that mousepads are very useful. Here is a funny mousepad you can use both at the office and on your home desk, too. It has a funny drawing on and this can lift your mood on a bad morning.

XNSDNJKU9RUX53TAZH95The Miracle mousepad from Zazzle makes you smile every time you read the message because, indeed, you only make stupid things and break a computer if you use it, right? It has a high quality colour print on and you can customize it if you want with any design. The mouse pad is fit for any space and has a durable cloth cover that is both dust and stain resistant, which is great. The non slip backing allows you to use it even on the most polished and shiny desk and the price is $11.95.