Funny Minimal Dining Table

One of the man’s daily needs is that of eating. Though you are a gourmand, you keep a diet or you are a vegetarian, the moment of having a meal might become one of the joys of the day. And if you think that even love makes its way through the stomach, then you realize how important the moment of having meal becomes.

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The designer from Valencia, Daniel Gantes had the inspired idea of creating this ingenious minimal dining table called “La Cool Vie Boheme”.“La Cool Vie Boheme” is a foldable dining table that can be placed easily in a narrow space because of its minimalist design. Its solid material, the pine wood provides its necessary force to sustain different objects that you need in order to have a real dinner, like: the plates, a bottle of wine, glasses, napkins or to create a nice ambiance like a flowerpot.

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It is an ideal piece of furniture for those with a low budget or live in a narrow space. When you will invite your friend to dinner he or she will be surprised nicely by the funny design of this table and the fact that he or she will sit near you at the table it will create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Your friend will definitely appreciate your nonconformist and bohemian way of having dinner.