Funny Houndstooth Shelving by Julia Quancard

I guess everybody got bored of the classic rectangular and long, flat shelves. Now everybody is in search for something new and more attractive where you can put all sorts of things of different sizes and various shapes. The classic shapes of shelves cannot offer you so many facilities and it is another plus for a new design and type of shelving.

Funny Houndstooth Shelving by Julia QuancardView in gallery

Think of how many and various things you need to store and then you can decide for the appropriate type of shelving that can satisfy your storage needs.Perhaps this funny and nice modular system designed by Julia Quancard is a perfect solution for you.

This funny Houndstooth Shelving imitates the houndstooth (or Pied- de- Poule) woven pattern so that you will find it funny and more attractive than a classic type of shelving. Its component parts come in two colors, beige and natural wood that are made of laminated composite wood.

Funny Houndstooth Shelving by Julia QuancardView in gallery

You will discover how easy you can put it on the wall as each piece can be hung using only two screws. The wonderful thing about this type of shelving is that you can create configurations of any size with the space you have available and you can deposit here different objects of various sizes.