How To Overcome Monotony Using The Always Trendy Vases

Even though vases are not as popular as they used to be, they remain a beautiful and elegant way of decorating any room of the house. Think beyond the classical flower vases decorated with all sorts of intricate patterns and simplicity things a little bit in order to understand how you can use vases to decorate a modern or a contemporary space. Vases are very versatile and this allowed them to maintain their beauty throughout the years and all the trends that come and go.

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Use vases to add a fresh touch to a contemporary living room. Nowadays the focus is on the vase itself and not on the plants and flowers displayed in it. So look for a vase that looks interesting or stands outs in some other way, either though its color, shape or size.

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Put together a collection of vases of different sizes and shapes to form a chic display for the living room coffee table. The vases can be different and unique and can share the same color. This will allow them to look beautiful as a set.

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Sometimes it’s better to leave the vases flowerless and to allow them to stand out by themselves. For example, you can have two or three vases displayed on the dresser in your bedroom. They can feature colors that complement the room or that coordinate with other decorations.

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The dimensions of the vases need to be proportionate to the rest of the décor. If you have a spacious living room with a big sectional and you want to add a touch of color to one of the corners, consider one or two large vases with simple shapes and fresh colors.

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Some vases are specifically designed to serve as sculptural decorations without the need of actually filling them with water and putting flowers inside. You can have them displayed on the fireplace mantel, as a chic alternative to the usual framed pictures or rustic candles.

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Use vases to add a small touch of color to a space defined by neutral and earthy tones. A good place for them can be the fireplace mantel or an open shelf. Put together a collection of small vases with different shapes and colors and create a vibrant collection. This is a valid idea for both modern and traditional decors.

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Sometimes a subtle hint of color is enough to make a space look complete and perfect. A beautiful vase with a simple form and a vibrant color can be the perfect centerpiece for the dining table. Its color can match the curtains, the area rug or other elements in the room.

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Tainted glass vases have a certain eclectic charm that makes them stand out regardless of the setting. Whether you use them as containers for colorful flowers, sculptural tree branches or you leave them empty and treat them as sculptures, they’ll always look stylish and chic.

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Consider vases as accent pieces for the bedroom. Use them in pairs so they can complement each other. You can have a pair of vases displayed on the dresser or on the nightstand. They’ll look elegant and will offer the room a delicate and serene appearance. There’s rarely any need to put flowers in the vase. Its design and color are usually enough to make it stand out in a really great way.

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Vases are still popular decorations because they always adapt to the new trends and there’s no style that they can’t complement. So whether your home is rustic, traditional, modern, eclectic or contemporary, you can always count on vases to make it look more beautiful and charming and to enhance its unique character.