How To Use Extendable Bedside Lamps In Your Home Décor

Wall-mounted lamps that have extendable arms are among the most versatile and practical. They’re often used by the bedside although that’s not the only available option. These lamps are more versatile than that. They can also be used in living rooms, offices and a variety of other spaces. So let’s have a look at a few design suggestions as ell as some of the models you can choose from.


You should know that you can choose to make such a lamp yourself if you want. The project would be a fairly simple one, especially if you can use a bathroom mirror with an extendable arm like the Ikea Frack. Apart from that, you’ll also need a lamp socket, an adapter nut, a plug, some wire and a screwdriver. You’ll find the necessary instructions on manhattan-nest. Basically, after you’ve replaced the mirror with a light bulb and you’ve taken care of all the wires and everything else, you can display your creation wherever you want.

Ikea Bedroom Lamp

Because Ikea bathroom mirrors are so sturdy and durable and come at a very reasonable price, you can easily use them to make a custom lamp or sconce for your bedroom. On popsugar you can see how the same Frack mirror described earlier was used to make a stylish bedside lamp. The colorful cord gives it a playful touch and the best part is that you can mount at any height or angle.

Metalic accordeon lamp

Of course, it would be a lot easier to just buy the sconce. The Accordion Wall Sconce is a pretty nice option. It has a vintage-inspired design and an extendable arm which allows you to adjust it however you want. The sconce is simple, functional and versatile and would be an ideal accessory for the bedroom or for the reading corner.{found on westelm}.

Tufted headboard and accordeon lamps

Other designs such as that of the Floren Swing Arm Lamp are a bit more industrial. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make them any less stylish. The cooper bronze finish gives this classic look and, if you prefer a different one, you can try the antique nickel finish. The accordion arm makes it adjustable and perfect for bedrooms where it can be used in pairs for a symmetrical design.

Bedroom lighting with accordeon lamps above the head

Although they’re all similar in one way or another, there are many different models and designs to choose from. They usually differ through the design of their lampshades. Some are made of metal for an industrial look while others are covered in fabric for a more classical look, more suitable for the bedroom.

Industrial lighting vintage steel

Some industrial designs stand out even compared to other models sharing the same style. Take this vintage steel scissor lamp for example. It has an expandable accordion arm and an interesting shade that gives the whole lamp a steampunk look. It has a little bit of antique charm, just enough to stand out. This is a handmade piece that combines materials such as steel, brass, cloth cord and wood in a very stylish way.

Teenage traveler bedroom interior design

Expandable bedside lamps manage to combine practicality and versatility like no other light fixture. Just look how beautiful they look in this eclectic bedroom, mixed with all the other accessories and furniture pieces. Although best used in pairs, they can also look beautiful individually.

Alcove reading nook design

And bedrooms aren’t the only good place for such a lamp. A home office could definitely benefit from such a wonderful accessory, whether it’s hanging above a casual sofa or above the desk. Lamps in general are preferred in offices, being better than ceiling lights. So consider one with an expandable design so you can make the most of its unique features.

Rustic living room with accordeon lamps on wall

Also, living rooms can make good use of such sconces or wall-mounted lamps. You can have two of these hanging above the sofa or couch so they can provide additional light when you want to read or for a completely different reason. They’ll also stand out and serve as decorations for the wall unless you decide to make them blend in.