How To Build A Swing Everyone Will Enjoy

There’s a lot more to say about a swing than you might think when you first look at it. Swings are a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Moreover, there are many different types of swings. They come in different sizes, shapes, materials and for various types of settings. You can find inspiration in their designs and choose to build your own swing. Regardless of the type and design details, you must also prioritize safety.

Hanging yellow chair

Rocking are super cozy and loved by everyone regardless of age. In a way, you could say they share this thing in common with swings. So consider this: you can turn a rocking chair into a swing. Of course, you’d have to make a few modifications such as getting rid of the legs. Keep the seat, the backrest and the armrests. Check out Husohem for more details.


A chair isn’t the only thing you can repurpose as a swing. Let’s not forget about the classic tire swing. It offers us a great way of repurposing an old and apparently useless tire into something that the kids would love and would have a lot of fun using. Apart from the tire, you’ll also need U bolts and some metal chain for this project. Find out more about it on hometalk.

Repurposed Skaetboard Swing

There are also a few more unusual options you can explore if you find the idea of repurposing or recycling old things fun and interesting. An old skateboard, for example, can make a perfect seat for a swing. All you’d have to do is attach rope rope to it, make sure it’s safe and secure, and then tie it to a sturdy tree branch. {found on makezine}.

Rope tree hanging swing

Then there’s also the old rope tree swing a lot of us are familiar with. Although it may seem like the simplest kind of all, it actually involves a tricky part: carefully tying the knots and finding a good technique to do it. The kitch knot would be a suitable option and you can learn how to make it on scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom. The seat will be made of simple wood boards secured together with screws.

Adult rope tree swing

If you want to make the tree swing a bit more comfortable or you’re simply curious to try a different design, check out the tutorial offered by momtastic. The interesting part about this design is the seat which is made of thin wood planks connected by nylon rope and separated by wood beads. Putting the seat together is easy. Then you can focus on the rest of the details, such as the knots

Tree swing simple project for outdoor

On the other hand, if you want to make things really simple, then the swing design featured on themerrythought should be just what you’re looking for. All you need for this project is a wood board, some rope, a drill and some sandpaper. Drill four holes in the board, one in each corner. This will be the seat. Then thread the rope through the holes, tie a knot on each side and then attach the swing to a sturdy tree.

round wood rope swing

A variation of the classical rope swing is the type that has a round seat with rope going through its center. To make such a swing you’d need a wooden round, some wood for braces, a drill with a large bit, rope, primer and paint. We found a detailed tutorial about the building process and everything you need to know about it on whitetulipdesigns.

Indor-outdoor frame swing

Swings are not only for the outdoor spaces. They can also be safely used indoor. The difference would be that, instead of hanging them from a tree branch, you’d have to find a different solution. And even for the outdoor swings, there’s also the option of making a support structure for it so you can place it anywhere you want. To find out more about it, have a look at the project on reesedixon.

Bench swing design

So far we’ve presented a bunch of fun swing designs for kids. But adults deserve to have fun as well. They would prefer their swing to be a bit more comfortable though and they’d look at the design a bit differently. A porch swing, for example, could look something like this. It would have a comfy seat cushion and would offer more space.{found on sawdust2stitches}.