Funny desk lamps for children

I am always working on my computer and I do that even when my children are watching TV. They do not need the light on for that , but I need some light because I can’t type on my computer keyboard if I can’t see the keys ( I know, I still need some more practice). So I really need a desk lamp for my work as it allows me to work properly and also does not disturb the other people in the room. It focuses the light beam only on my keyboard, so the others can do their regular jobs that do not need light. And here are a few examples of funny desk lamps that I found on the Internet and that you can buy directly from the online shops.

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All the lamps that you can see here are funny models, made for children because I can’t afford having very serious or post-modernist lamps as I would love to because I need my kids’ approval as they want to love the lamp, too. So I picked this nice pink model of desk lamp that can also be used as a clock and not any clock , but an old-fashioned alarm -clock. The funny thing is that this clock actually works very well and shoes the exact time.

The next two lamps are very funny kitty desk lamps and they can have different colors. They have the base in the shape of a kitten head and have one LED to light a small portion around the lamp.

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The last model presented today is a desk lamp in the shape of a little boy that works on batteries. These batteries last for 7 hours if you use the 7 LED lighting and for only 8 hours if you use the 15 LED lighting. So you can adjust the power of the light and this way save batteries.