Fun And Stylish Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Fall

Although most popular during Halloween, pumpkins can make lovely decorations all year round, if you can find any of course. But let’s just focus on fall décor for now and on ways to decorate pumpkins and to display them in your home. As you probably already know, there are many interesting uses for pumpkins other than simple decorations as well so you might want to try such a transformation as well.

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An ingenious idea when decorating pumpkins is to use patterned stockings. It may sound like a strange thing to do but look how chic these pumpkins look, all wrapped up and elegant. The proejct requires rubber bands so you can tightly secure the stockings to the pumpkin stem.

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Another cool thing you can do is a sort of cover for the pumpkin. This is a crochet project and you can find more details about it on flaxandtwine. You’ll need yarn, a crochet hook and a few other things noted in the full description. The design starts from the center and you can adjust it to fit your pumpkin as you advance.

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The cross-stitch pumpkins featured on awwsam are not only good-looking and eye-catching thanks to their playful design but also pretty easy to decorate. You just need some yarn and a large needle or something to thread the yarn through the holes with. Feel free to improvise. Sketch your design with a pencil first.

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For pretty much all the projects described here you can either use real pumpkins or faux ones, depending on the type of project as well as your own preferences. In the case of the project featured on oleanderandpalm, mini plastic pumpkins would be a great choice. You’ll have to spray paint them rose gold and then turn them into planters.

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Similarly, you should check out the cute ninja pumpkin on thepinningmama. It’s used as a trick or treat bucket which is pretty nice. To make it look like a ninja you first spray paint it black. Then you paint the face with some skin tone acrylic paint. Make the eyes with a sharpie and add a red ribbon headband.

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Papier mache pumpkins can be used as treat bags as well, just as shown on thecandidkitchen. You can make these yourself from scratch using the following materials: balloons, ribbon or string, white tissue paper, craft glue, a cup or a jar, scissors, a paintbrush, a hole puncher, yellow and orange tissue paper, clothespins and black paper.

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One of the simplest methods you can use for decorating a pumpkin involves sequins. You can easily push these into the pumpkin and create all sorts of patterns and designs. You also have the option of painting the pumpkin if you want it to be black or some other color (for Halloween, for example). The inspiration for this came from gatheringbeauty.

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If you want your pumpkins to look lovely and cute, then the secret is in the colors you use. For example, a nice and pale shade of pink or beige will give the pumpkins a chic and feminine look. You can also add details such as a heart-shaped imprint. Before you paint the pumpkins, glue on a piece of paper or a sticker in the shape of a heart. Then, when you’re done painting, remove it. {found on dekotopia}

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A pumpkin centerpiece can take many forms. For instance, it can be a stylish lantern. But you don’t want it to to look childish or scary. Something a bit more elegant would work. Check out the design idea offered on homemadebycarmona. First you need to cut out a leaf template out of paper. Then carve out that shape at a slight outward angle. When you’re done and it looks good, you can spray paint the bottom of the pumpkin golden and add a candle inside.

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Looking for an idea you can use on Halloween. Letsmingleblog offers a pretty nice one. For this project you’ll need a faux pumpkin, some plastic spiders, a hot glue gun and moss or crafting grass. Cut the top off the pumpkin and put moss around the edge. Then put the top back on. Glue the spiders on the pumpkin and that’s pretty much everything.

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If you really want your pumpkin decoration this year to stand out, how about a disco ball jack-o-lantern? You can find out how to make one on abubblylife. Actually, it all starts with a disco ball which you then customize so it looks like a pumpkin. You’ll need a craft knife for this. Cut off the top, remove the styrofoam from the middle and then carve out the face.

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On amandakatherine you’ll find a mercury glass vase that looks pretty interesting. That may be because it’s shaped like a pumpkin. This gave us an idea: what if you were to take a faux pumpkin and make it look like a mercury glass decoration? Surely you can adapt the painting technique to suit this purpose.