Funny Cow Tea Kettle

I know that a famous writer said that before me , but certain smells remind me of childhood. For example the smell of tea and biscuits reminds me of the winter holidays that I used to spend with my grandparents. My grandma had an old brass kettle she used for preparing our morning tea. Well, I did not like that kettle very much, but I loved my grandma’s tea and my kids now love tea, too. So I tried to find some funny kettle for them. And I found this nice cow tea kettle that is small and funny and perfect for parents with small children.

This “cow” kettle is white with black spots and looks just like a funny cow, with a pink mouth and a bell around the neck and what’s even funnier – the cow bell really works. The round handle made of stainless steel completes the picture and you can’t wait for the water to boil in order to see if the kettle whistles or moos. It is available now for $35.99.