Funny Clutch Oak Floor Lamp

Whether you read a newspaper, a book or a magazine, you write a note or you draw something, the amount of light is very important.Natural light is the healthiest source of light but sometimes you need to search for an alternative and here you need to be very careful at your choices. Sometimes the amount of light may affect your eyes, may be too strong or too weak. A perfect lamp may provide the correct amount of light for your sight and make you feel comfortable while you do something.

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Clutch Oak Floor Lamp is a nice and perfect lamp for any bedroom, living room or lecture area. It has a funny design and it has different advantages. This type of lamp comes from Ellenberger Designs and it is designed by Jannis Ellenberger.The floor lamp features two independent magnetic steel shades that appear in a matte white and marigold finish. It looks like a flower which has two bells. The base of the lamp is made of a solid white oak and the interior is magnetic.

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As the two shades are independent, they can be moved in different sides separately and each of them has its own on/off switcher. Thus you may get the amount of light that you need and on the side that you want.This product was made in China and it also includes two candelabra style 13W CFLs. It is a nice lamp which can be very useful and very practical for any type of activity and many spaces.Available for 163 euros.