Funny Beast Pillow For Kids

Pillows come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. This is not something new. However, once in a while we get surprised with something like this. This is a Beast pillow. It’s a new and very interesting concept. The Beast pillows are basically regular pillows shaped like little harmless monsters. This is Beast pillow no. 164, It’s the first one in a new series of snuggle buddies.

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Each pillow from this unusual collection is being knit by hand. It takes about 2-3 weeks to complete one and after that can be shipped to their new owners. The pillows are shipped via Parcel Post (domestic) or First Class Mail (International). It’s a very fun concept and it’s especially great for kids. They will have their own Beast pillow and they’ll also learn that not all monsters are mean. Since the pillows are made on custom order, you can come up with your own idea and design.

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Another great thing is that you can choose your favorite colors. In case a certain color is not available you will be contacted. Nothing will be done without your approval so you can be certain you’ll get exactly what you ordered. Since each pillow is knit by hand, no two beasts are alike. They are each unique and different and they may also vary in size. This one is beast no.164. It’s the first snuggle buddy and it’s been knit with polyfil stuffing. It’s very soft and squishy. Beast no. 164 measures 31’’ long and 13’’ wide and he costs $153.