Funny animal rack for jewels

My son is crazy about animals, so he has a whole collection of toy animals that he spreads around the house in every imaginable place. And when I wake up early in the morning I sometimes step on them and I feel the fangs, horns or whatever sharp ends they have and I only wish someone could find a useful meaning to them when the kids are bored of them and end up in a shoe box in the garage.  Apparently somebody did think of this and came up with a pretty interesting idea: to use half of these plastic toy animals and stick them to a piece of wood or board and turn this into a Funny animal rack for jewels.

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The point of this item is to be used for storing jewels. I know there are jewel boxes for this, but I hate the fact that all my necklaces and long earrings get mixed up in this box, so I’d rather have some gadget that can store all my jewelry in plain sight, each on a different rack. That’s the point. Each animal head, trunk, horn or ear is used to hand a ring a necklace , a bracelet or something like this. I love this item. It is hand made by a Brooklyn artist called Steph Mantis and you can order it in black walnut or yellow pine for $56.