Funky SpongeUP Lamps by POTT

Lighting is a very important aspect when decorating your home. When you choose a light fixture you have to take some things into consideration, such as the type of room, the mood you want to create and the integration of that piece with the rest of the design.

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The SpongeUP lamps are a great way of adding color to your space. Designed by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte of POTT (The Pottery Project) this interesting piece will give a funky feel to your home. With no dazzles, no marks, not even corpuscles or lumens, this is a warm and porous light, coming from the hand made pottery piece skin. The lamp consists on a clay sphere where the light splits through, thus becomes more than a lamp, as an unusual clay piece with an unique design that achieves a very particular look along its uneven surface.

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The SpongeUP lamp is a one of a kind element and the perfect lighting centerpiece for any room. With it you will not only achieve a practical effect, but an aesthetic one as well. Available in black, white, pink and red this beautiful lamp can improve the appearance of a space and have positive psychological effects on you.