Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

One theme, one color, one texture or one idea …. none of that makes a funky, eclectic space. The weird, the different, the out-of-the-box, the fun mixing and matching, it’s all about of this carefree style. But, how can we create the most perfect eclectic bedroom? What items and essentials do we need to make a personal space stylish and aesthetically interesting? Today, we’re showing you funky items every eclectic bedroom needs, so sit back, relax and take notes!

1. An Interesting Art Collection.

Los Gatos Residence Lizette Marie Interior

Whether they’re thrift store finds or expensive pieces accumulated over time, you must have an interesting art collection adorning the bedroom’s walls. It create a vivid, miss-matched look easily all the while showing off your personal tastes and inspiration.

2. At Least Two Vivid Patterns.

Los Gatos Residence Lizette Marie Interior

It could be on the rug and the walls. It could be on the walls and the bed. It would be the bed and the rug. O, it could even be on the curtains! Whatever and wherever the patterns are, use them well. You need at least two to funk up the space and the more the merrier. Just pay attention to colors and size of the design, too much can become a mess but just enough is stylish and unique.

3. An Amazing Chair.

Los Gatos Residence Lizette Marie Interior

You may need a place to sit and read. You may need a place to put on your shoes in the morning or sit while you right your weekly to-do lists out. Either way, you need an amazing chair, with lots of personality, in your eclectic room. The furniture is your foundation and chairs with that funky oomph are easy enough to find and DIY.

4. A Jazzy Clock.

Los Gatos Residence Lizette Marie Interior

Add it to your wall collage or have it on your nightstand. An eclectic space needs a clock. There’s something about these pieces that are a fun and whimsical addition to your everyday decor. And they come in so many styles, shapes and designs. Don’t go for the digital, steer yourself toward the vintage, distressed or extra large!

5. A Great Piece of Lighting.

Los Gatos Residence Lizette Marie Interior

An huge floor lamp, a thrifted, Victorian light for the night table or a giant chandelier from all different walks of life, your bedroom needs light but pay attention to it. It can’t just be any ole’ light. Make it a piece of art. Make it something to look at. Make it inspiring and a part of the overall ethos.

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