Functional Valet Hanger by Diogo Frias

Today’s inspired piece is a wall-mounted valet hanger and shelf, an object that is very functional and helps you save up a lot of space. Designed by Diogo Frias this interesting piece has an extremely strange shape that creates mystery about its purpose and functionality.

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Nowadays you can choose from more than one valet hangers for your home. Some of them take up a lot of space, but not Andy. The economy of space was a major factor during its development, which is achieved due to unfold in order to fulfill its primary function, the hanger. Folded, a frame of oak is visible only with a simple shape of a hanger cut on it, giving this lovely piece a more sculptural aspect. When not needed, Andy neatly tucks away. Moreover, as as added bonus, the top ledge can be used as either storage or display case.

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Andy can be installed in your laundry room, making it easier for you to steam your clothes and then simply put them away. Furthermore it has a simple design that can be added to any decor. If you want Andy, then you can get your hands on one through Wewood. If you have the space to accommodate a beautiful valet hanger, why would you not install one?