Functional folding shower for small bathrooms

Small bathrooms are something that a lot of people have to deal with. Sometimes when you’re searching for the perfect apartment you find one that has a lovely living room, a large bedroom but a small bathroom and you have to make some compromises in order to let it over with. But even if your bathroom is small, don’t be so disappointed because there are a lot of solutions for that.

Folding shower design small spaces

For example, take a look at this amazing shower. It’s a folding shower especially designed for small bathrooms where space is always a problem. It was designed by Supiot and it’s a very ingenious solution for those who have a small bathroom. It allows you to save some space while still being able to enjoy the comfort of taking a nice shower. This is because this shower can simply be packed up when not use, becoming a vertical white board. This item is available is various sizes and colors so you can adjust it to your own bathroom space and according to your personal preferences.

I find this idea very ingenious and clever. Even though it might be a little annoying to fold and unfold the shower every time someone needs to take a shower, I think it’s something you can live with if you want to have enough space in the bathroom in order to feel comfortable.