Fun With Black & White Prints: Ideas & Inspiration

With little assistance a black and white room can be the most romantic, the most stylish, the most fashion-foward, the most modern and the most rich with antiquity all at the very same time. This classic color combination will never go out-of-style, but the trend of the moment are black and white prints and patterns. Funky and retro, eclectic and unique or sleek and contemporary, there’s a swell of inspiration around us. Let’s look as some beautiful, real-life ideas on how others’ used black and white prints in their homes!

1. Furniture.

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In a clean and crisp setting or a funky eclectic puzzle of a room, black and white furniture pieces are bold and stylish. We love small, intricate prints for a youthful, unique vibe and we love more modern patterns that are edgy and chic. They create a focal point for the room and look great are on any size furniture piece from sofas to slipper chairs.

2. Wall Art.

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Black and white prints could literally mean black and white prints. Get some of your favorites developed and hang them on the wall for sleek look. In a simple hallway or foyer, or even in the living room this art will look incredibly trendy but still super timeless. But, any black and white wall art will do. Whether you hang them in a colorful space for a nice pop or to set off your contemporary theme.

3. Curtains.

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There’s something about patterned curtains that can really make a room pop. Dramatic black and whites can dress up the windows and dress up the room. Even in the bathroom you can create a over-the-top, feminine appeal with some paisley curtains or even some toile prints that look fabulous in a vintage-inspired space. You may even want to use oversized curtains, even on small windows, for a bolder finish.

4. Wallpaper.

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Don’t be scared of wallpaper. It’s making a comeback in a big way right now. But even more so, don’t be afraid of black and white wallpaper. It’s design-worthy and modern and you don’t have to use it on the entire wall to get the feel and look you desire. Floral patterns or even stripes may be just what you need in the dining room or breakfast nook for an unsuspecting stylish surprise.

5. Rugs.

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A throw rug can really turn a room around. In an all-white, crisp living room all you need is a thick striped rug to create depth, texture and vision. And if you like more intricate patterns you’re in luck because they add lots of edge and youthfulness to any space including: home offices, kitchens and bedrooms!

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