Fun wall pocket organizer for kids

Teaching kids how to be organized is not easy. However, it might help if you make it fun. You can come up with a game for that and you can also choose funny pieces, like colorful toy chests, funny dressers and wall organizers. Just take a look at this funny pocket organizer with a purple cow print.

Fun pocketds kids

When you think that all the books or toys go in those pickets, cleaning doesn’t seem so hard after all. It’s all about the funny cow. The organizer is divided into three large pockets. In there you store all the books, magazines, pencils, paper and all the other supplies. Also you can store small toys like collectibles and other pieces that fit in there and that need to be deposited somewhere safe. Each pocket is 14″W x 11.5″H while the organizer is 14″W x 40″H. It’s made of organic cotton canvas and eco-spun felt so it’s both organic and fun. This incredibly attractive pieces can be purchased for only $28.00.

In case you don’t like the purple cow, you can also choose the crocodile or the moose. They are all equally funny.
With pieces like this in his/her room, your kid will love to keep the space clean and organized. The key is to make it look like fun. For this, the pocket organizer is perfect. It’s colorful and funny, plus it’s made from organic materials.