Fun turquoise wall clock for kids

At some point, every kid has to learn how to read the clock. And I’m not talking about electronic clocks but about the old-fashioned ones, the more difficult. So you’ll have to explain to him how the whole mecanism works. It’s not going to be easy, but it might be easier with a colorful and fun clock like this one.

Colorful clock

It’s turquoise so the kids will like it and it’s fun so they’ll like it even more. It has 11,5’’ in diameter and silver arms with turquoise accents as well as silver hands. It requires only one AA battery and it’s available for $21,88 (walmart). The numbers that indicate the hours are not present on the clock so that might be a problem for smaller kids that aren’t still used with this type of clocks, but that problem can be easily solved with an art project that you and your kid can do together. Have fun and enjoy.