Fun Lego table for both parents and children

There are plenty of kids who love to play with Lego. They spend the whole day creating towers, cars, buildings and robots and it seems like a very creative hobby that’s helpful for the mind as well. However, there’s one big inconvenient for the parents. The Lego usually ends up on the floor and the pieces get lost in the house. That’s why this nice Lego table has been created.

Lego tableView in gallery

Now the kids have a epical place where they can play with their Lego and the pieces will stay all in one place. It’s also good for the kids because they don’t have to play on the floor or in uncomfortable spaces anymore and they will probably also get a feeling that they’re growing up by using a desk like their parents.

Lego tableView in gallery

Fun lego tableView in gallery

This particular table that you see is a regular table with a low design, perfect for the kids that usually like to stay on their knees. It’s not too small but it’s not too big either so the parents don’t find it incommoding and the kids have plenty of space to play with the Lego. It would also be a nice idea to add a basket underneath where the kids can keep all their Lego toys. The table that you see here is not something that you can easily find in shops. A couple found it at Goodwill and bought it for $9.54. After that they painted it to give it a fresh look.{found on thegainesgang4}