Fun Floral Prints For Your Home: Ideas & Inspiration

Floral prints can mix and match in so many ways and they can look great for any and every season of the year. From big prints to subtle designs, flowery patterns can be used in lots of different corners of the house. And today, we’re showing you some of our favorite, fun floral prints for your home while giving your some ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate it into your very own space.

1. Eclectic Mixes.

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With a feminine touch and lot of personality and life, you can easily mix some bold, fun floral patterns in unsuspecting ways. Whether it’s a cluster of throw pillows on the couch or slipper seat or a palette of kitchen towels next to the sink, bolder floral prints that seem a bit outside the box have a way to breathe style and surprise into the home.

2. Asian Whimsy.

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For a lighter, whimsical feel with still a lot of personality, try the a floral print with an Asian vibe. Lots of vibe and subdued colors, this print used in a classy, home study is a great way to add style with a lot of serenity. We love these softer patterns adorning the walls or the curtains. Since they aren’t too harsh on the eyes they can take up a large amount of space for an amazing, thought-out decor scheme.

3. Dainty Looks.

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Small, floral prints with a dainty feel are great for kitchens, bedrooms and the bathrooms. They add a light and soft feel and sometimes even a wonderfully feminine, vintage touch to a bare space. They’re easy to add to the walls or even the furniture. A dainty, floral-patterned chair looks great in the corner of a guest room!

4. Chunky Designs.

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Whether bold colors or neutral tones, chunky designs will create a contemporary look. So, if you’re vision is of something more modern, then try adding thick, less intricate floral patterns into the mix. It can be an accent wall or just the bedding. The print will add texture and interest but the chunkiness will add a fresh, 21st century design-worthy feel.

5. Subtle Flair.

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You can add interest without going overboard. Use subtle florals for a fashion-forward style while still keeping a clean and sleek palette. Neutral shades work best but even bold colors work when there is a bit of an abstract, art decor flair involved. We love this for the living room or even in the breakfast nook!

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